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About Dave

Dave has worked in bands all over Europe since he began his career in Portsmouth  with folk rock band How Quaint in the heady days of post hippy pre punk 70s. Then came Alice, Gypsy and the Thief, and the six piece band GATT. GATT travelled Europe extensively until its break up in the early 80s when Dave and his partner Alice decided to 'go it alone'. They  took off for Denmark in a £20 scrap car, bought a tent and hit the road, until the formation of Strawberry Spring a couple of years later. This band brought together a unique blend of English and German musicians and again, hit the touring circuit. All through this time Dave has continued writing and producing his own songs, either alone, or with the various musicians and friends he has worked with over the years, amassing a formidable collection of recorded original work which sits comfortably alongside the many many cover versions that make up his huge repertoire. 

For sheer verve and experience, Dave can't be touched. He is a professional musician who knows how to raise a crowd to screaming point, have them dancing on the tables, or can woo them to silence whenever the mood dictates. He is equally at home in the smallest of clubs, to the biggest of venues. he has played in an Egyptian tend of the dead, a cowshed, at harbour and town festivals in the open, Christmas markets, and at big, crowd pulling venues. He does not have a set act. He looks at the place he is playing, sizes it up, sizes up the crowd, gauges what is needed, and pulls it out of the hat. He has what club owners, and audiences alike, want to hear.

He’s not a street musician but an artist. He can play anything, from the Beatles to Oasis and every era in between and afterwards. Tug on the strings of nostalgia or have you dancing on the table, and not from the demon drink either.

Have you seen him?

Well, hundreds, thousands, who knows, have seen him play and left with their souls lifted and their hearts in the clouds. Gypsy Dave sings from the heart, because there is nowhere else to sing from, and those many, many, people who have seen him, do not forget. He has a legion of fans all over the place, a silent majority who turn up at gig after gig, just to hear those songs again.


On the road, on the hoof, in the van, in the car, driving, driving, from town to town to town, to bring music and light into some drab lives.